Pedestrian and vehicle counts for your properties.

We count people. And vehicles. Outdoors.

Get pedestrian and vehicle counts at your locations, delivered to you when you want them. Motionloft reports the data as it happens. Know your traffic, every hour of every day.

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Pedestrian and vehicle counts for your locations. Live data streaming 24/7.

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Motionloft data is giving Real Estate a dashboard to drive better decisions.

You need to make million dollar decisions, and we have the tools to get you there. We report accurate foot traffic and vehicle data, gathered continuously, day in and day out, and present it to you so it is easy to use and understand. Once your Motionloft sensor is installed in our network, you will have access to all the tools seen below.

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Understand the traffic patterns moving around your locations to drive better decision making

We've got the tools for you and your location. Enter your email below, or give us a call at (415) 625-0162, and we'll help you get started.