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"The first thing I’m going to do whenever I consider a location is ask that a Motionloft Sensor be installed."
-Bruce McDonald, Owner, Showdogs

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Continuous Data Collection

Comprehensive data collection, Motionloft’s sensors never take breaks. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of continuous vehicle and pedestrian data collection and results. Just tell us the location and we handle the setup. Make more informed decisions with our real-world analytics.

Visualize Results

Engaging visual analytics help you arrive at the right conclusion faster. Easily understand traffic results in your Dashboard displayed down to the hour. Track historical trends and identify peak times.


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Property Analytics

Leave the sensor up to continuously monitor traffic counts. Measure the effectiveness of the traditional marketing and social media campaigns by seeing changes over historical trends.

Custom Solutions

Our expert team is looking forward to helping you build the coverage package you need. If you’re looking for an additional store or a national expansion we have the plan for you. Don’t miss another day of data. Contact our sales team today!